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In Italia
is Italian for foreigners, a pilot project for the education of immigrants to Italy, a collaboration between Rai Educational and the Ministry of Education.
It is a set of modular products and test for the acquisition of basic skills of Italian spoken and written, for adults and young adults.
This site was added by Gary, Grazie Gary

is the leading international social group in Rome that organizes many social and cultural events with the aim of encouraging interaction between Italians and foreigners who visit or live in Rome. It all starts online and then moves into the real world.
This site was submitted by Raffaella, Grazie Raffaella

Online Links to Additional Resources

Italian language school

Accademia Europea di Firenze is an Italian language, arts, music and culture school right in the centre of historic Florence. AEF was founded by experienced teachers focusing on the students needs.

Language Dictionary
Online Language Dictionaries

Online translator
free language translation program
Google translator

Learning Activities and Games
Download Italian lessons for FREE to your I-Pod
games to learn Italian
Italian Verb Conjugation
ProfessorGio.com - Learn Italian for FREE! -NEW-
Various language learning aids
Free Online Language Courses
Italian Language, Grammar and Usage Resource
Free Italian Language Resources
Italian Flash Cards
Learn by listening! The site includes more than 2000 audio examples (Pay site w/free trial period)
Learn Italian Vocabulary and do good for a worthy charity just by learning
Learn Italian submitted by R. Sergio Simon in August 2011 - Grazie Sergio!

Italian Coorespondance (Pen Pals)
Language Exchange Community
Learn with help from native speakers.

Book Swap
A book swapping site

Reading, Seeing and Hearing Italian

Italian News
Tuscan News
La Repubblica.it - Homepage
SKY.it - News
Corriere della Sera

This is a working translation dictionary - try it
Italian Radio
A very good online Italian radio resource link submitted by Russ Norris. Thank you Russ
Listen to Rai Radio broadcast in Italian on the computer or on Podcasts Link submitted by Donna Drago, thanks Donna!

Italian Television
3 Channel
All Music
Canale 7
CBL Movie
Eco TV
PiuBlu Lombardia
Rai News 24h, Italy
Retesole Perugia
Studio 100
Tele Liguria Sud
Tele Truria
Tiziana Sat
TV Oggi

Additional Italian TV can be found at viewmy.tv Thank you Kit for submitting this link.
But lately this has been my favorite link. It is set for "Canale Cinque".

Other Resources
The Italian Language Foundation
La Sacra Bibbia -NEW-
Language and Cultural Association
Link to the meet-up sign in page
Learn Italian English-Italian translations of a list of very handy words and phrases, recommended by Sandy Fiato and her students! Grazie a Sandy e i suoi studenti!
Best Italian Websites Thank you Terri for suggesting this one. It truly is ALL THINGS Italian.
Lidia's Italy A great website about Italian food and cooking - Thank you Rick for suggesting this one.
italian.yabla.com Yabla Italian is an online video magazine for Italian learners who wish to improve their language skills. Authentic Italian videos include television programs, music videos, interviews... - Thank you Gary for suggesting this one.

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